Monday, December 21, 2009

Abbey Road and Soundcloud

Soundcloud is fast becoming the premier music host of choice amongst labels, artists, DJ's, and producers.  The thing that sets Soundcloud apart from the sea of music hosts, is that it's more of a platform than just another place to host your tracks.  People can follow you like on Twitter or Facbook, but instead of asking What are you doing?  The question is, What are you creating?  They are even asking that same question to software developers.

During their "Music Hack Day" events they invite any software developer that wishes to participate to use the Soundcloud API to create new applications, and software.  These events have been so successful that they've added an apps section to their website.  Check it out Here!    

To top it all off they partnered with Abbey Road Studios to create a new online mastering service.  Soundcloud users around the world can now get their their tracks mastered at the same studio where The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many other world class artists have mastered some of their most notable works.

Currently there is a 20% discount for soundcloud members   

See Video Here